About the Program

The UNR Early Childhood Autism Program‘s speciality is early intensive behavioral intervention for young, pre-school aged children with autism. They offer a comprehensive, individualized home-based intervention that seeks to normalize all aspects of a child’s psychological development.

The program is primarily home-based. This means that intervention takes place in the comfort, safety, and privacy of the child’s home. Highly trained and closely supervised graduate and undergraduate student tutors comprise the child’s intervention team. In most cases, 30 hours of one-to-one intervention is provided each week throughout the year for a minimum of two years.

A child may also receive school-based services. These services are provided by tutors that work in the home of the child and that are also trained to apply the methods of behavior analysis in the regular education classroom.

The program requires parents to learn how to manage their child’s behavior in the home and how to integrate their child’s education and treatment into the family routine. Siblings, close relatives, and family friends must also learn how to interact with the child in a positive and productive manner.

Participation in the program is preceded by an intake and evaluation procedure. If the parents and senior staff agree that it is the appropriate service for the child, then preparations are made first to begin parent training, and second to gradually fade the child’s team of tutors into the home.

For additional information on the UNR Early Childhood Autism Program, contact the director:

Patrick M. Ghezzi, PhD, BCBA-D
Department of Psychology/296
University of Nevada, Reno
Reno, NV 89557